Ear Nose & Throat Services

  • Allergy Testing and Allergy Shots ( also known as allergy immunotherapy)

    Tired of itchy tearing eyes, frequent stuffiness, runny nose, post nasal drip or sneezing?

    Do you have unexplained rashes or frequent ear canal infections? How about  sinus infections? Why not get an allergy test to try to get to the heart of the problem?

    Allergy Testing

    Our allergy nurses have years of experience in allergy testing and, if testing shows that your are a candidate for allergy shots, we can offer that as well.

    After an initial evaluation by one of our physicians, you will be scheduled for an additional visit on another day with one of  our  well-trained allergy nurses.

    The allergy test involves skin testing  and/or a blood test to help identify the source of your symptoms.

    Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy)

    Allergy shots retrain your immune system to help reduce or in some cases eliminate the allergic reaction and the symptoms that go along with it. It involves a time commitment, but many who suffer from allergies feel that it is well worth it.

  • Sinus Surgery

    For many patients, allergy treatment and antibiotics can control sinusitis, but some cases require surgery. In those cases, our experienced otolaryngologists have the technical surgical expertise required to get you back on the road to recovery. In select cases, balloon sinuplasty allows us to to do the procedure right in the office, reducing time out of work.

  • Nasal Surgery

    Sometimes difficulty breathing through the nose is caused by problems with your nasal anatomy. Our otolaryngologists can identify the problem and provide a surgical solution.

    Procedures include:

    • Septoplasty: Straightening of the wall that runs down the middle of the nose
    • Turbinate Reduction: Decreasing the size of naturally occurring contours on the inside of the nose to improve nasal airflow
    • Functional Rhinoplasty: Repositioning the bones of the nose to improve nasal breathing
  • Management of Hearing Loss

    Trouble with hearing can be a huge challenge in both social and work situations! In some cases it can be a sign of other serious health problems. Drs. Zamansky , Kurland and Charon will do a thorough evaluation of your hearing and provide a solution based on your hearing needs.

  • Balance and Dizziness Evaluation

    Dizziness can be frightening. It can range from short intervals of  feeling just slightly off balance to debilitating episodes with a  spinning sensation and an inability to walk, drive or work. In addition, loss of balance can lead to falls and serious injury.

    If you or someone you know have balance problems, we would love to help you get things figured out and to try to get you back on your feet.

  • Snoring Evaluations

    Breathing disorders during sleep like primary snoring and obstructive sleep apnea can lead to fatigue, decreased concentration, and mood changes. They can also be associated with driving accidents and cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and stroke.

    Drs Zamansky, Kurland and Charon have the training to determine whether you are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and to customize your treatment with either CPAP or surgery or both.

  • Voice Disorders

    Changes in your voice can be due to anything from a simple cold or allergies to a more serious problem like throat cancer. Let our experienced otolaryngologists sort things out for you and get you the reassurance or treatment you need.

  • Swallowing Evaluations

    Difficulty swallowing affects your quality of life whether you are eating at home, socializing, or at a business lunch. If you are experiencing difficulty swallowing, our experienced otolaryngologists can help you find and treat the real problem by doing a full head and neck exam, fiberoptic endoscopy and, if necessary, biopsies, imaging or other testing.

  • Surgery of the Thyroid and Salivary Glands

    Drs. Zamansky , Kurland and Charon are trained in the evaluation and treatment of tumors of the thyroid gland and tumors and infections of the salivary glands. The process includes a thorough head and neck exam, and, when appropriate, fiberoptic endoscopy, lab work, imaging and consultation with colleagues in allied specialties. When surgery is necessary, we can provide that service as well.

  • Evaluation of Head and Neck Cancer

    Drs. Zamansky , Kurland and Charon are trained in the evaluation and treatment of cancer of the head and neck. After a thorough head and neck exam, fiberoptic endoscopy, lab work, imaging and consultation with colleagues in allied cancer specialties will help get you on the best path.